Day 45 – The Big Questions

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So we’re rounding out the last few days of blog posts for this 47-day project and I have to ask myself, “What did you accomplish?”  The answer is, I’m not sure.  I asked myself a lot of questions over the last 45 days and I even asked a few friends to help out with guest posts.  I posted something every day, even if it seemed insignificant.  I tried to make the posts at least somewhat interesting, but I’m sure I fell short on most days.  So, what did I get out of this project?  Did I accomplish anything? Or was it just a way for me to annoy people with daily posts?  I think maybe it was a little of all of these things.

In doing the posts each day, I got into the habit of doing more writing than I’ve done in years.  I was able to get back to what I enjoy the most; telling stories.  Whether those stories made sense to anyone but me or not doesn’t matter; the point is that I did it.  And yes, I accomplished something that I haven’t been able to accomplish for a very long time.  I wrote.  I’ve been so busy with other projects that I’ve neglected my own writing.  And now, I see that I need to be writing a little something every day.  Just to keep myself moving forward.  Sorry if some of what I’ve posted was a little hard to follow or seemed irrelevant in the scheme of things.  The writing helped me to process some things I’ve gone through as well as things that are currently happening.  The posts weren’t meant to annoy; simply to express.

I’ve got two days left and I’m hoping to wrap this project up with something cool for you to read.  I do appreciate your reading the posts and commenting when you possible.  I look forward to the next big project!

47 Days of Self-Care is a blogging project that is being published between three different blogs owned by Author & Publisher, Rebecca Benston.  Over these 47 days, she hopes to share thoughts and resources for better self-care.  You can view related posts at Higher Ground for Life, at the Leading the Follower blog, and on the Higher Ground Books & Media blog.