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Today’s Pondering~Waking the Woke

Was it the enticement of free donuts, free beer, gift cards, work incentives, or maybe even the threat of losing one's job? Was it the constant bombardment by the media and social media of all of the wonderful reasons why we must all stand together and take the shot? Please tell me you weren't mesmerized by John Legend's heartfelt virtue signaling in his recent Walgreen's commercials. I hope those things weren't all you needed to convince you to step into the lion's den.

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Today’s Pondering~Counterfeit

The devil rules this world. That’s not the superstitious ranting of a Bible-thumping weirdo; that’s the harsh realization of woman who doesn’t even recognize the world she’s living in. I grew up poor, for the most part. My family went through periods of extreme poverty even though my parents always worked very hard to provide…

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