My Story…kind of…

My name is Rebecca Benston.  I’m a writer, editor, and publisher born and raised in Springfield, Ohio.  Much of what I write here is commentary, but I’ve been known to write a few mysteries, devotionals, and even children’s books from time to time. 

This blog is dedicated to the questions I’ve had about my own relationship with God and how He guides my every step.  There’s a bit of a difference between what you’ll find here and at my other blogs; Benston Blogs and Higher Ground Books & Media.  But in each of these, you can be sure that my aim is to empower and inspire you.  I hope you’ll find something you like whether it’s here or at one of the other sites. 

For more information about my mystery series, The Rona Shively Stories, please visit the website.  For more information about the books I publish, other writing services, or my speaking events, please visit this website

One day, I’ll make this easier and consolidate the sites, but for now I’m a little disjointed.  Bear with me and enjoy my quirkiness.  😉

Happy Reading and God Bless!

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