Today’s Pondering~It ain’t pretty…

Over the last few weeks I attempted to share some of the news I’d heard from various sources here on this blog. I wanted to find a way to use this platform to inform those who might not necessarily have time to dig into all of the information that is out there. After spending quite a bit of time on the two posts I shared, I noticed that not many people seemed to read or acknowledge reading what I posted. Maybe it wasn’t entertaining enough? Or I didn’t have the right celebrity names attached to it? Who knows? But for whatever reason, it didn’t seem to go over well. Not that many of my posts do, but I was surprised that no one seemed interested in news that clearly impacts everyone.

The things that are going on in our world today are not pretty. And there are people out there who do not want the truth about those not-so-pretty things to get out. As always, those who do evil things like to do them when no one is looking. Or if they are looking, they like to cover up the fact that what they’ve done is wrong. In this case, those who have done wrong have banded together to try and convince the rest of us that what they did is perfectly fine. They’ve lied, they’ve cheated, and they’ve stolen. And they’ve taken great pains to make sure that we either don’t know about it or that we have no choice but to accept it. Sounds crazy if you’re on autopilot, but if you slow down a minute and pay attention to everything around you, (not just what’s right in front of you), you’ll begin to see a pattern. You’ll begin to see how certain things that didn’t make it into the nightly newscast are all related to things that are impacting you on a daily basis. For example, lately you might have noticed that the price of eggs was skyrocketing. You might also have heard something about eggs being bad for your health (this was another side story that came out over the last few weeks). But, if you take a closer look, you might actually hear about the fact that it was recently discovered that egg yolks contain antibodies that block the binding of multiple SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) Spike protein variants. Coincidentally, Hillendale Farms in Connecticut (the largest supplier of chicken eggs) randomly caught fire over last weekend. About 100,000 hens were killed.

A while back, it was also discovered that chickens weren’t laying eggs like they used to. Upon further investigation, it was found that certain chicken feed was behind this phenomenon. And so on, and so on until you get to a story that shows how Bill Gates started purchasing farmland and investing in plant-based eggs, poultry, and beef back in 2013. And then we saw the bird flu, chicken fires, and an egg shortage. I don’t know about you, but that’s a bit too coincidental for me.

Behind the curtain, you’ll see that there is so much that is connected to the agenda of a handful of people who want to run the world the way it will best benefit them. You can see it in their attitudes when they are interviewed. If you follow the crumbs, you’ll see that much of what negatively impacts the working class and the poor is rooted in the greed and hateful behavior of those who have made millions from perpetuating our misery through designer diseases, pre-planned periods of lack, and the systematic curtailing of our rights and freedoms.

If you want to find the truth, look to sources that aren’t funded by the very corporations that always seem to step forward with a proposed solution to the problem of the day. Those advertisements for big pharma are not just there to annoy you; they’re meant to remind you of who is in control of your day-to-day life. Sadly, much of what they put out into the world causes more harm than good. There is a great deal of money to be made off of the misery of others, especially when those others cannot afford to seek other means of healing. So these groups create the problem and the solution with the intent of profiting from the desperation of those who trusted them to look out for their best interests.

Evil wants you to be dependent upon everything but God. It wants you to trust in things that you simply should not trust. It wants you to doubt the very thing that can protect you. It wants you to live in fear and to question the things that make sense before you question the absurd smoke-screens it puts up. It creates a very vivid mirage to convince us that the way that seems the most comfortable is the best way and that pushing back when the popular choice seems completely wrong is unacceptable and makes us crazy or difficult. And so, we go along to get along. And we pray that God will get us out of whatever mess we may find ourselves in, should we make the wrong choice. As long as everything seems nice and we’re not upsetting anyone, we should be okay, right?

Well, no. It’s not right. God didn’t create that spirit of fear in us and He doesn’t want us to bow down to those who mean to do us harm. He created us to be warriors for His truth, not for theirs. Everything that Satan creates in this world is a counterfeit of God’s true blessings. God allows him to have his way here because He already knows what the outcome will be. This is not our home. This is where we work and wait for God to let us come home. And He has given each of us a mission and purpose for living while we are here.

I believe that we must fulfill our mission and purpose in order for Him to bring us into His rest. For some, our purpose will be evident and we’ll embrace it immediately. For others, we’ll fight and kick and scream all the way through the challenges we face until we finally figure out that the struggles we face have meaning. And when we’ve figured it out, we’ll try to help someone else who is struggling to accept their purpose. And hopefully, they will do the same in turn. It isn’t all pretty. And it isn’t all nice. Some of it is downright ugly and painful. But, it is all necessary if we’re to battle every demon on every front and win. Much like the chicken and egg scenario, our purposes here are all connected. We have to decide whether or not we’ll strive to connect to the good that God has instilled in each of us or if we’ll buckle under the weight of the evil that works so diligently to overtake us.

She’s not being condescending. Her purposed here is simply to help you see another side of things. Read Don’t Be Stupid (And I Mean That in the Nicest Way) by Rebecca Benston. It’s for your own good.

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