Yesterday’s Word~January 28,2023

So, after much consideration I’ve decided to do this feature on a weekly basis instead of daily. There is so much information out there that it is impossible for me to keep up with. So, I’ll gather what I can and share it here each week.

Also, Today’s Pondering will return next week. Thanks for checking in!

What’s happening on social media? 

Pfizer Exec & Rebel News – This attempted interview has been banned on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.  Thankfully, it was already shared pretty broadly on several programs (19.4M views and counting) last week.  The video shows the Rebel News crew pursuing Pfizer CEO, Albert Bourla in Davos and asking him about the safety of the vaccine. It’s a very interesting video.  If you can find it, take a look.  I last saw it in this post by @OzraeliAvi on Twitter.  

What’s the deal with Canada, Mexico and the U.S.

A while back, I heard this news  that Joe Biden had visited with Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau and the President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and that the three of them had discussed collaboration on migration issues and evidently, the information contained in this brief.

The Chicken or the Egg…Everyone is clucking about the shortage of eggs and the accompanying increase in egg prices. The team at Redacted discussed the issue at length during the recent broadcast. You can see it here

Trump Supporters – For some reason, there has been quite a bit of speculation as to whether or not Trump’s support of the COVID vaccine marks him as some sort of an enemy of the people.  How quickly his supporters seem to forget about all of the good things he did while in office and how easily they are swayed to abandon all logic whenever any of the popular voices who have so often spoken up on his behalf begin spouting off that they don’t understand why he would ever push “the jab” when it is obviously dangerous.  This tweet by @lovetocook12345 (Santa Trump) proposes a more likely reason why Trump would stand behind the vaccine he was encouraging people to take. It states that President Trump’s vaccine included a mix of Hydroxycholoroquine, Ivermectin, Azithromycin, Doxycycline, and Zinc. This is quite different from the ingredients found in other vaccines that were pushed by the Biden Administration and the big pharmaceutical companies.  It’s worth doing a bit more research before deciding that Trump didn’t lead his people in the right direction when it comes to the vaccine. He continues to assert that he never mandated the shot. However, his consistent statements about the effectiveness of the vaccine have led many to wonder what in the world would make him think this is something he should be supporting. Perhaps if he would be a bit more specific as to which vaccine he was so proud of, many would halt their criticism of him for what looks like a giant misstep.  

What’s under the rug this week?

Madonna-No further word about the child trafficking accusations against her. 

Joe’s Documents-The media seems to be chasing its tail with regards to the classified documents found in multiple Biden residences/properties.

COVID Narrative Falling Apart-Seeing lots of stories about the COVID death numbers being inflated and about the safety of the vaccines that were mandated. How many deaths will be enough to finally make “them” admit that they made a mistake and that the vaccines do not cure or prevent anything? Dr. Stella Immanuel (@stella_immanuel) shared the following in her  recent tweet about the vaccines:  “The side effects of the vaccine were always on FDA site. We were warning about it from day one. The press and the government misled the people. The vax insert was empty. People didn’t have informed consent. Btw Covid19 has always been treatable. Sinister.” 

Epstein’s Client List – According to, Elon Musk has been “pressuring the Department of Justice to release the Epstein client list to the public.” This comes at the same time that Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s longtime cohort, asserts that she believes Epstein was murdered in prison and that his death wasn’t a suicide.  This story was found on

Food for Thought

I listened to a good portion of this recorded meeting of the House Energy Committee on Big Tech in the Fentanyl Crisis. This is information you need to hear.


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