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Blessed are those who find wisdom, those who gain understanding…Proverbs 3:13

Welcome to the first edition of our new feature, Yesterday’s Word with Leading the Follower. Our goal with this series is to give you a roadmap to the information being provided online about topics of interest. Some of these sources may be familiar to you, others not so much. Our goal is to give you a few different perspectives on what is being reported (or not reported) and to help you find information that you might not necessarily stumble upon as you follow your daily routine. 

I’ll be sharing snippets of the interesting information I have read or heard over the past 24 hours or so and I’ll provide links so that you can read or hear the full story directly from the source. I’ll try to post this a few times a week. Hopefully, this will be of value to you. If nothing else, it will give you a different take on the world’s happenings and help you broaden your perspective on the issues that matter most.

Today’s topics:

DISCLAIMER – I’m sharing bits and pieces of stories that are found on the internet so that you can see them for yourself. I’m not the original author of these stories and I take no responsibility for what someone else has reported. I am merely telling you what I’ve found. You are encouraged to go to the links I’ve provided to read directly from the sources provided.

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What’s going on at the World Economic Forum (WEF)? Who knows? It has been at the top of the news for the past several days as speculation about its attendees has run a bit rampant in some circles.  It’s the same players; Klaus Schwab, George Soros, Bill Gates, assorted representatives from different countries, etc. I’m no expert in this subject area, but the reports I’ve heard regarding the things that are discussed at this gathering made me want to check into it a bit further.  One of the best sources for information about what is happening there is a program called Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris. I watch their program while I work every Monday through Thursday at around 4 p.m. EST on YouTube or Rumble.  You can hear it here. The link to their show is also in the description. Be sure to sign up for their newsletter as well. I get tons of newsletters, but theirs is one that I actually stop to read each morning. It always has some valuable information and isn’t full of unnecessary fluff. 

The gist of what is happening at the WEF in Davos is that this group of  “leaders” is strategizing to put plans in motion to shape the world to fit their agenda. And their agenda is not one that necessarily supports the values of the majority. You can find more information about the WEF at this website:

The theme is “Cooperation in a Fragmented World” and there are several videos of the various information sessions being presented at the website.  Admittedly, this has never been something I was interested in watching, however, with the problems we are facing today in America, I think it might be worth my time to at least get an idea of what they are talking about in some of these meetings.  I’ll report more tomorrow after I’ve had a chance to take a closer look.

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What’s new on social media? Twitter has been steadily releasing various chunks of information in segments called the “Twitter Files.” These are not just tidbits of information, these are pretty phenomenal brain dumps coming from individuals like Michael Shellenberger (@ShellenbergerMD), Matt Taibbi (@taibbi), and commentary from Elon Musk, himself (@elonmusk). You can look these individuals up on Twitter and see for yourself what sort of information they have been sharing. Everything from information on the inner workings of Twitter and internal issues there that impacted users’ ability to communicate factual information on the platform to the suppression of important facts about COVID-19 and vaccine injury. It’s much broader than this, but the amount of information that has been shared is surprising and there’s more on the way. Stay tuned to Twitter for more Twitter Files.

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Papergate? I’m not sure if they’ve come up with a name for this mess or not, but we’ve been hearing quite a bit about a large number of classified documents that were found in Joe Biden’s garage at his home in Delaware. My understanding is that it was found in an unsecured location and that the files were not actually declassified and should not have been there. Some other details that have come out have been related to Biden’s son, Hunter paying close to $50,000 a month in rent to stay at this location and according to a Tweet from Charlie Kirk (@charliekirk11), this is the same amount paid to the Bidens in relation to the family’s business dealings with a China Energy company. You can see the tweet here. Draw your own conclusions, but there certainly seems to be more to this than just coincidence or error.

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Entertainment…I think not. I’ve been seeing a couple of things related to Madonna. First, that she’s kicking off a new tour and as we all know, nothing helps sell tickets like a bit of controversy. In almost the same breath as the announcement about the new concert, I saw another bit of information about Madonna being accused of trafficking and abusing children from Malawi. Take note that I said she was accused, not that it was a proven fact. So, more research is needed to see where this information originated and just how valid the accusation may or may not be. I’m not a fan of Madonna, at least not since the 80’s or whenever it was that she showed up on the music scene. But this was information that showed up in the Twitter feed under Collin Rugg’s (@CollinRugg) profile. I did check to see if there was any news anywhere on the mainstream channels about this and found nothing remotely close to this report; there were a number of reports about a French city asking her to loan them a painting. But one of the main reasons I’m doing this podcast is because all of our news isn’t being reported on mainstream media. Many things are being held back until months after the actual occurrence, if they ever release them at all.  There is a link to a story on the Gateway Pundit here. I’ll keep an eye on this one and share any news I hear going forward.

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What I Heard…Lastly, I want to share a few interesting links with you about discussions overheard on some of the podcasts that I listen to regularly. First, on Nino’s Corner (the podcast of Professional Boxer, David “Nino” Rodriguez), there was a lively discussion between Rodriguez, David Icke, and Laura Eisenhower about Consciousness Paradigms and the Reincarnation Trap. Interesting topic and food for thought. Rodriguez presents many different viewpoints on his podcast and usually has some great interviews over there.  Here is the link to this one. This channel requires a paid subscription which is only about $4.99 a month, but he also does regular shows on YouTube throughout the week. I also listened to a podcast from ex-Navy Seal, Michael Jaco. I tend to listen to him throughout the week to get his take on world happenings from a more spiritual perspective. The show I listened to featured guests, Rapper Azma Holiday and Patty Greer, and the discussion focused on the music industry’s destruction of black communities. Also very interesting. Available on Rumble here.   

I usually listen to several shows during the course of the day, but I ran out of time yesterday so this was about the extent of what I can share today. I’ll share more tomorrow. In the meantime, don’t be afraid to look around and see what else is out there. I stopped listening to mainstream news many years ago and only in the past few years have I felt the need to venture out and  find some information that explains all of the craziness I’m seeing around me. When I looked to mainstream news, it wasn’t presenting anything close to what I was actually witnessing, so I had to dig a little deeper. I’m not a fan of fluff news and I prefer for someone just to tell me the truth of what’s happening and how it will impact me and my family so that I can plan for our survival. So, I listen to a lot of different things to try and get the most complete picture that I can get. I hope what I share here is of value to you and that you can use what you hear to make plans of your own. 

As always, be sure to pray and ask for God’s guidance and discernment as you read or listen to any news that is presented to you. 

Enjoy your day and God bless!

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