Today’s Pondering~Truth hurts…

We all know that there are some very bad people out there doing very bad things and getting away with it because for the most part, no one wants to put their little corner of the world at risk by stepping up and calling it out. Sadly, it is this fear of disrupting our “flow” that keeps others in bondage while they wait, helplessly for someone to speak up and take action.

It is our duty to question things when they seem wrong or unjust. It is our duty and responsibility to speak out when we see things that are simply grotesque and immoral. And not to make ourselves look righteous, but to stop the damage that is being done to those who are being victimized. There are some who are brave enough to speak out and to uncover the truths that are being suppressed by a media that is controlled by a corrupt elite, but they consistently get shut down, censored, or ridiculed by an army of trolls that is forever at the ready should some ugly truth slip out.

I had a run in with one of these trolls on YouTube the other day. I had left a comment on a video that was talking about a housing crisis in Kentucky. It seems that a large number of tenants were being thrown out of their apartments because the landlords wanted to raise the rent or reconfigure the housing in some way. I mentioned in my comment that I had been looking into a few things related to whether or not landlords were receiving kickbacks or subsidies for allowing illegals to move into their apartments. Lo and behold, a troll appeared. His reply to my comment was not only ridiculous, but abusive. Basically, the guy called me a conspiracy theorist and attacked my ability to do research. Of course, he doesn’t know me and has no idea what my credentials are or why I might have asked the question I had asked. He had a script and he was determined to list every talking point in his attack. Here is some of that exchange:


Your conspiracy theory is a bit out there. You show a complete lack of understanding of how the “Supply and Demand” system works. If the Government was subsidizing these other people…. Why wouldn’t they subsidize you ?! What would be the advantage to the “Government” ?! Face up to it. Somebody else is willing to pay more for your space. We’re not a welfare state. It’s sad for the current tenants, but the landlord is allowed to make more money. It’s the American way.


I really don’t think so. I understand supply and demand perfectly. Part of it is that when you allow the country to be inundated with illegals who will need housing, you are creating a supply and demand issue where one already existed. The illegals are here to serve a purpose and that is to bolster the numbers for the upcoming elections. Perhaps you should take off your blinders and look at the big picture. The advantage to the “government” is clear if you want to see the truth. If a tenant is paying their rent and isn’t causing problems, they should be secure in the knowledge that their housing will be available for them. Pushing people out like this should not be the American way and I don’t believe it was ever intended to be. And please don’t continue your argument with me if you’re going to try and spin my opinion as a conspiracy theory. My comments are based on a logical perspective and daily research.


“Rent Control”: That sounds pretty Socialistic. “Vote boosting”: For the most part, illegals can’t even get ID. No ID, No Vote. When was the last time you were able to vote without ID. Without proof of address. Without being on a list of Registered Voters for that District ?!! An Illegal alien “Working under the Table” doesn’t have the money to rent anything other than the lowest rental. Matter of fact, when they can get somebody with legitimate credentials to be the name on the rental agreement, they still have to have a herd of them to be able to afford the rent. Many of them are forced to “Hot Sheet” it. The bed is only yours until you get up to go to work. A private closet space will cost you extra. No Illegal can afford to live in my town. A lot of them are commuting 90 miles (roughly 1.5 hours EACH WAY) to be able to find affordable housing. “Clearly the Government benefits”: Nah. It’s not Clear ! You provide no supporting evidence. What was Trump’s excuse ?! He had a bunch of illegals working at his main estate (most likely means he has them at ALL his properties). He paid token lip-service to emigration control. Stole $5 BILLION from other programs that desperately needed that money. Then hired his Cronies to build a wall that a 10-year-old little girl was able to climb over in 10 minutes !! Now, just a couple of three years later, parts of that wall look like Swiss cheese, and section are falling over already !! A twenty-dollar angle grinder apparently can cut through it like butter. “Illegals here for one purpose”: So, who’s bringing them here ? What Organization ?! Provide verifiable proof. I don’t want to hear “no evidence” vote stealing. “Blinders”: The way you circle talk, I’d have to say, you are the one looking at thing with tunnel vision. What you’re spouting is fringe/out there stuff !! I’m a Forty (40) year, voting Republican….. But, I got to say that your Bat-poopy crazy talk is too much ! I have been forced back into a renting situation in one of the hottest rental markets in the country, and I don’t like it. I also don’t like rent increases when I’m living check to check. My landlord jacked my rent again back in May. We’re paying nearly $4K a month That said, the landlord has a right to charge the going rate. Or convert units to condos, if he can make more money that way. You would do the same if you had the opportunity to make more Benjimin’s. Explain to me how this situation can be brought around without the Government over-reaching its mandate ?! Without preventing other Americans from earning from their possessions ?! The Government don’t own the properties. They have no say in prices, rents, or disposition of those properties. Apparently, your perspective and research are under supported and not thoroughly verified.

Obviously, this man had no idea what my initial statement had been. Note how his defense was basically to call me crazy or claim I had no evidence. And how for some reason, he decided that this was about President Trump. Not sure why he felt the need to stick that part in. He evidently missed the reports about illegals being flown into the country and turned loose in cities that were already struggling to care for their residents. He probably also hasn’t seen any of the reports about those same illegals being bussed to D.C. or any of the hearings in Congress about border control and the need to close our borders.

Now, did I want to spend my time arguing these points with him? The answer is no. I gave a couple of responses, but he continued to use his responses to call me names and insult me for saying what others might be afraid to say. I guess he didn’t get the memo. I’m not afraid of trolls. I can argue with the best of them and I am also okay with using that little button that lets me report and block people like this. In fact, I used it on him. I said what I needed to say and when he continued being unreasonable, I blocked him. And that’s how you have to deal with the trolls. They have a script and they have talking points that they are supposed to use to counter any mention of the shenanigans that are going on with this administration.

I have absolutely no problem with people coming into our country legally and with good intentions. But I do have a problem with hoardes of illegals pushing their way in to become part of a voter base that perpetuates fraudulent voting in our country. And yes, it does happen. Watch the hearings. The discussions are straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. Watch as our congress men and women talk about the problems our country is facing as a result of our open borders and voter integrity issues. I know we’d all like to believe that our voting process is fair and secure, but so much has been uncovered in these investigations that has been suppressed by the mainstream media. If you’re watching the MSM news in hopes of getting the truth, you’re waiting on a train that will never arrive. These days, if you want the truth, you have to dig for it. And when you find it, you need to share it.

Some people are reluctant to connect the dots, no matter how much information is presented to them. They are stuck on old ideas and can’t imagine that anyone would ever pull the wool over their eyes. And their pride will not allow them to see the truth. They would rather be wrong than to admit that they’d practically devoured the misinformation as though it were as tasty as a hot fudge sundae. But there is no cherry on top of this mess. Frankly, it’s not even real ice cream. The truth is more like a bowl of steamed broccoli. It’s good for you and full of what you need, but it isn’t usually the thing you’re craving.

God knows that we don’t always accept the things that aren’t attractive to us. He knows that we sometimes take way too much time to accept the truth as He presents it to us. And thankfully, He is patient with us. He lets us stumble through and overindulge on the things that aren’t so good for us. And He hopes that we will one day choose the good stuff over the bad. Sometimes the truth literally has to smack us in the face and knock us down before we realize we’ve been following a lie. And it takes time to adjust to a new way of thinking. But one day, we look back and we realize that we were seriously duped and that our unwillingness to focus on the details we didn’t want to acknowledge only held us back from the blessings He had for us all along. I pray that those who are still sleeping or pretending to sleep, will soon open their eyes and become part of the solution to the problems we face.

Rebecca Benston is the owner of Higher Ground Books & Media and the author of over twenty titles currently available through Amazon and other outlets. Her books include a mystery series (The Rona Shively Stories), empowerment resources such as Wise Up to Rise Up, Don’t Be Stupid (And I Mean That in the Nicest Way), and From Judgment to Jubilee, children’s books including Grumble D. Grumble Learns to Smile, All the Scary Things, and See How Strong You Are. Benston lives in Springfield, Ohio with her awesome daughter, Mya and enjoys traveling, reading, writing, and telling it like it is. She enjoys being able to help other authors get their stories out there through Higher Ground and has recently expanded her freelance services to offer more extensive guidance as a writing coach and social media manager. For more information, you can contact Benston at

God wants you to be brave! Stand up for what is right. Say what others are afraid to say. And stop letting the devil have so much access to you and to God’s plan for your life. You are a mighty warrior and a child of the most high God! Give Him praise today!

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