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One thing I always hated about sitting in church on Sunday was that there would inevitably be references made to upcoming sporting events or politics. Things that really have no place in the church sermon, but that seem to be the only way the pastor knows how to connect with his congregants. It always bothered me because it basically condones idolatry. It says that there are things that should be of more significance in your life than God and that goes against everything we’re supposed to be doing as Christians or even just as human beings.

I recently read a few articles that discussed the crisis of human trafficking. These articles talk about how the Super Bowl exascerbates the problem by basically being a cover for all sorts of background activity that is fueled by the influx of tourists. The preoccupied masses are so focused on whether or not their team wins that they don’t see the potential for rampant abuse to be taking place right under their noses. Their focus is on the idol and not the people around them. So, naturally, they aren’t picking up on indicators that young men and women are being snatched up and forced to be used as sexual entertainment for big-wigs who are in town for the game.

It’s this type of head-in-the-ass syndrome that perpetuates all forms of abuse; whether it be toward an individual or a group. The media and society keeps us focused on the things that don’t matter, like whether or not Kim and Kanye are reuniting or dating other people, which athletes want to be called by what pronouns, and what flamboyantly imbecilic mishap our current administration has placed in a position of power this week. We don’t seem to question the qualifications, even when it is blatantly obvious that maybe this person is on Satan’s payroll and has no interest in furthering the mission of God’s kingdom. We’ve just let them do what they want to do because somehow they have guilted the masses into believing that what are essentially mental health issues are cause for a global crusade. They’ve rationalized sinful, deviant behaviors because that’s how they make their money. They are trying to make sure that the majority of people don’t see perversions like pedophilia or other sexual identity issues that are at the root of child sex trafficking as being a big deal when, in reality, these behaviors always damage the objectified person; physically, emotionally, and spiritually. And this contributes to the overall brokenness in the world. There is a reason why these disorders were listed in the DSM-V and why certain groups have fought so hard to justify and normalize them.

Before you start whining that I’m being homophobic, let me assure you that I don’t care what you do in your bedroom. In fact, that is the point! I don’t want to know what your preferences are. I don’t want to be forced to accept something that the Bible has explicitly stated is against God’s design. I wasn’t brought up to be anything but a God-fearing, heterosexual woman. I don’t need to be labeled with pronouns. I know who I am and I don’t need to push it in your face every time I have the opportunity. God made me to be a woman and I accept that. I don’t question His judgment. Ever. But I do question the judgment of political operatives who have been on a lifelong crusade to make everyone believe that it is absolutely okay and acceptable to try and strip God of His authority and dilute His word to the point that we never have to answer for any of the evil impulses we may have. This constant push for us to revel in our disobedience is disgusting and I am not impressed by those who champion it.

I’m all for loving everyone as a person. But I don’t need to know your sexuality in order to be able to do that. In fact, it often makes it difficult to show others love when they are so adament about traveling at warp speed down the path of utter destruction. The Bible even says to distance yourself from those who are reluctant to follow God’s word, lest their irreverance become more attractive to you than God’s glory. But the point of this post is not explicitly to explore the pros and cons of living a life outside God’s will. The point was to open your eyes to the idea that these large-scale diversions are merely disguised as entertainment to make them more palatable to those who should know better.

The Super Bowl appears to be more widely celebrated than Jesus Christ…who died for our sins, mind you. And yet, an overwhelming number of Christians spend days or even weeks planning the perfect Super Bowl party. We don’t seem to get that excited about anything that has to do with Jesus. We certainly aren’t permitted to set up a Bible Study during Super Bowl time, but we can be assured that we’ll push a church service aside so that we can be in front of the television or worse, at the stadium, for the big game. Some of us have even sold our souls to be able to attend these big games (ie. injecting our bodies with evil, highly detrimental concoctions at the recommendations, nee insistance, of public health officials). And we set aside all reason in order to be able to participate in events such as these without thinking about the repercussions. What’s important is being on that great big bandwagon. I just wonder how that bandwagon will fare when the truth comes out.

There will be a judgment day, here and in heaven. Looking around, I’m not sure how many of us will be able to stand and say that we didn’t willingly choose Satan’s rules over God’s because that’s what felt best or was easiest at the time. I’m not even sure how many of us understand what we’re supposed to be following because so many of our religious leaders have been driving those bandwagons for the idols instead of leading their flocks toward Jesus.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having fun and enjoying athletic events. Sports are great for comradery and exercise and they can promote great values such as teamwork and commitment to a common goal. It’s the misclassification of the activity as something that is more vital to our existence than understanding, recognizing, and following God’s plan for our lives that creates the problem. In the scheme of things, the Super Bowl, in all of its ungodliness, is like one big prayer meeting for the devil. And the more we look forward to participating in it, the more we tell God that He is becoming insignificant and unnecessary to us. This goes for any event that we hold up as being the best thing ever. I hope we can one day find our way back to a set of values that more closely mirrors God’s instruction and allows us to live up to our full potential as human beings instead of being content to sit in the bleachers and reduce our role as warriors to that of wide-eyed, docile spectators.

Rebecca Benston is the owner of Higher Ground Books & Media and the author of over twenty titles currently available through Amazon and other outlets. Her books include a mystery series (The Rona Shively Stories), empowerment resources such as Wise Up to Rise Up, Don’t Be Stupid (And I Mean That in the Nicest Way), and From Judgment to Jubilee, children’s books including Grumble D. Grumble Learns to Smile, All the Scary Things, and See How Strong You Are. Benston lives in Springfield, Ohio with her awesome daughter, Mya and enjoys traveling, reading, writing, and telling it like it is. She enjoys being able to help other authors get their stories out there through Higher Ground and has recently expanded her freelance services to offer more extensive guidance as a writing coach and social media manager. For more information, you can contact Benston at

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