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I’ve always believed that it isn’t a race war we were fighting but a class war. For as long as I can remember, I’ve understood that all of the problems that we experience as a society can be traced to one thing; money. Not race. You can have money no matter what race you are, but unless you have enough money you are still considered beneath the elite. So, I believe that our society is made up of basically two classes; the elite and everybody else. No matter what level you are at on the wealth scale, you will never be good enough for the elite. Unless you are already one of them, they will never focus their attention on making your quality of life better. Granted, there are individuals and groups in the lower tier who act as unwitting accomplices to the elite by doing their bidding at every turn. They labor in hopes of one day being accepted into that elite status. Sadly, the joke is on them. If they’re not already in the group, they will never be. They are just pawns like the rest of us, but can’t see it because they are blinded by greed and the pursuit of wealth.

I’ve never been a fan of the extremely wealthy. For many years, I had actually disliked President Trump (I address him here as President because he has earned the distinction) because I thought he was just another exceedingly rich nightmare. My perception of him shifted somewhat after watching several episodes of The Apprentice. I found it to be very entertaining and impressive. I say this because in every episode, the goal was not to help someone get rich, but to raise money for certain causes that were dear to the competitors. And every episode ended with President Trump matching whatever contributions were raised by the competitors to give to their charity of choice. I always thought that was a really interesting concept for a TV show. After watching the show for a while, I decided that maybe I had misjudged President Trump. So when he threw his hat in the ring to run for president, I decided to support him. And I’m glad I did. Because what he did during his tenure in office exposed many of the things about our government that perpetuate the class division under the guise of a racial divide.

President Trump set in motion a worldwide change of perception in terms of the elite and their agenda. And I know that was the reason that God put him in office. I also feel that God has allowed this past year to be a shining example of what we don’t want. And what an example it has been! If it is not clear to you at this point who the good guys are and who the bad guys are, then you haven’t been paying attention. As their narrative crumbles and we see the bad guys falling to the wayside and the good guys starting to emerge victorious, I am hopeful that our future will look much better than our past.

You may not agree with everything that President Trump stands for, but you really don’t have to. I didn’t support him because of his political affiliation (I was a lifelong Democrat) or because of his money, I chose to support him because of the ideals he upheld on his show and then during his presidency. His values are ones that most align with mine and with what God says is right. This is not a “black and white” issue. This is very much a gray area where the elites keep trying to cover up their world domination agenda by creating a non-existent racial divide to keep the rest of us busy. If you look closely, you’ll see blacks, whites, Asians, and every other nationality standing together to fight the opposition. That doesn’t signify a racial divide. However, depending on how misinformed someone is about the agenda, they may be on the wrong side of the issue. 

Just look at the money. Look at how important money and possessions are to those around you and it will become very clear whether or not those individuals are on the side of the elite or if they stand with the majority of us who just want things to be done right and in a moral way, with God at the center. When I look at things that way, I can clearly see who is behind the line and who is teetering dangerously on the line. 

The elites will never have your best interests at heart, so I never understood how anyone could aspire to be part of that group. What they are doing is all part of the devil’s counterfeit illusion. This is because every blessing from God is mirrored and poorly imitated by the devil as he attempts to create something as beautiful as what God has created…and fails continually. Don’t be fooled by what looks shiny and attractive. Their ugly comes from deep inside and it is highly visible to those whose eyes are open.

Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.~1 Peter 5:8 NIV

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