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Raising children has never been an easy task. But today, we seem to be facing many challenges that our culture simply wasn’t prepared to face. With the rise in the rate of depression and anxiety cases among children as a result of last year’s COVID lockdowns and mandates, we should be very concerned about the way the whole thing was handled. As parents, we were faced with either bringing our kids home to school or allowing our children to go to the school building and wear a mask all day. Neither option was very attractive and neither option was designed to address the problems occurring in the aftermath.

The popular opinion over the last year has been that we should all be terrified of COVID and that we should follow any and all mandates that have been set. Yet, there has been plenty of research into the effectiveness of the masks and the stability and safety of the COVID vaccines. The masks do not block the virus in any way as the molecules of the virus are much smaller than the microscopic holes in the masks. So, it makes no sense to wear them with the intent of creating a barrier between you and whatever germs may be floating around out there. The shots are not yet FDA-approved. They simply have not been through the proper trials and from what I understand, do not contain any COVID cells which would be necessary to help you develop an immunity to the virus. And they are now pushing for us to allow…no, to insist that our children take this experimental drug to fight off an illness that they are not likely to contract and that has a 99% recovery rate? What in the world is going on here? And why is it that about half of the people I know have never heard this?

The hard truth is, we (the American citizens) seem to be at the mercy of individuals who are not really looking out for our children’s best interests. As more and more information comes out related to school curricula that is pushing an anti-American, pro-LGBTQ+ agenda (directed toward kids who haven’t even hit puberty) as well as extremely sensitive and divisive topics like Critical Race Theory, it is crystal clear that our schools can’t be trusted and that parents need to safeguard their children from the ungodly ideals that our government is attempting to instill in our children when we aren’t looking? The answer is that, first, we rely on our faith and we do not allow fear to drive our decisions. Second, we step up and do our jobs as parents and fight for the rights of our children to be safe, happy, and whole. Especially when it goes against the popular narrative.

Since it has been proven time and again that we cannot trust our government to tell us the truth, it is vital that we take the initiative to dig for these facts. The people who have the most to lose are not going to tell us that what they’ve been saying isn’t true. They are trying desperately to cover up their lies with propaganda and fear tactics. And it’s so predictable at this point that it is almost laughable. But I can’t seem to find my sense of humor when it comes to people using politics and manipulation in order to protect what they gain from enforcing an anti-God agenda. I can’t seem to see the humor in being lied to and treated as though I’m not smart enough to make decisions when it comes to choosing what behaviors are best for my health or my child’s health. I don’t tend to chuckle when I hear our leadership supporting harmful and divisive narratives that are targeted not only at keeping the American citizen in the dark, but also toward teaching our children how to hate who they are because of their race, sex, or sexual preference. I’m not smiling at the all-out assault on Christian principles and you shouldn’t be either.

We must always seek the truth; especially when it impacts our children. We must make every effort to look closely at what is being presented to them each and every day to ensure that they are being guided in a way that will enrich them and not deplete them. And we cannot entrust that to anyone other than ourselves. As parents, it is our responsibility to mold them into decent human beings and to do everything in our power to prevent them from following the wrong path. If we have children and we are too busy following our own desires and needs to make sure they are okay, then we don’t deserve those children. We don’t deserve them because we haven’t grown up ourselves. Making a child, doesn’t make a parent. Making a commitment to protect and guide that child does.

If you are still allowing yourself to be manipulated, you’re going to pass that mindset along to your children. If you are following the rules set by man instead of the rules set by God, then you are not going to see the outcome you wish to see. Unless, of course, the outcomes you seek have nothing to do with God and His plan for your life. Children are innocent. They rely on us to guide them down the right path until they can develop a strong relationship with God on their own and choose whether or not to follow His lead. If we allow others to take the reins from us and steer our children toward things we know are not of God, then we have failed as parents and as Christians. Do better.

3 John 1:4 King James Version (KJV)

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.


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