Today’s Pondering~Tomorrow

I’ve always thought it was strange that we choose only one day of the year to celebrate the next. Every year, people gather to celebrate New Year’s Eve in anticipation of the next day when we can begin a brand new year. This year, in particular, many of us bring a significant amount of desperation with us to this celebration. We need this thing to work! We need the new year to bring us the change we have so desperately been praying for over the past nine months. 2020 has been a long, hard road and the journey was one that most of us didn’t ask to take.

In terms of journeys, many of the ones that we reluctantly take are the ones that reap the most bountiful harvests. I have no doubt that when all of this is said and done, God will shed light on why it had to be so difficult and why much of it didn’t make sense as we were going through it.

Tonight I pray that each of you has a renewed sense of hope and that you will allow God to shine His light in His time to show you that everything we’ve been dealing with has been part of His plan. No matter what we must face in order to go forward, go forward in peace knowing that we will win. God has already won and the story doesn’t change simply because evil wants it to go a different way. We will be okay.

God bless you. And Happy New Year!

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