Today’s Pondering~Something New…

In the midst of all of this year’s craziness, we’ve decided to launch a podcast! We figured, why not? It’s something we’ve never done before and we felt like it was time. We’ve just finished setting up our podcast page and we’ve added a couple of things there. There will be more substantial entries, but for now we just wanted to get it started. Sometimes that’s the best we can do. We’ve had the idea in mind for a while, so we are happy to finally have something in place. We’ll be adding prayers, empowering messages, commentary, and even excerpts from some of the books featured on our partner site, Higher Ground Books & Media. They have lots of awesome resources for people who are looking for healing, hope, and empowerment!

If you have something inspiring, empowering, or uplifting that you would like to share, please get in touch with us here. We’d love to interview you on the podcast. For now, please take a moment to visit the podcast page. And be sure to sign up for our mailing list, so that you can receive updates!

Thank you for supporting Leading the Follower! We appreciate your taking the time to read our posts. We’ll have more for you soon!

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