Day 42 – Memories that linger in my heart…

My Sims pic

My daughter used to play a video game called My Sims Kingdom.  She would spend hours playing this game where she could build kingdoms and travel all over the place creating things.  She really only played this when we were stuck at home because of the weather or when one of us was sick and we didn’t feel like going out, but she still says it is one of her favorite games.  In fact, she hooked up the Wii tonight and started playing again. (Yes, we still own a Wii.  Don’t judge me.)  She had kind of a rough few  days and what she wanted was something familiar to give her some comfort and peace.

We all go back to things like that when we need to.  Like the way I have been watching old episodes of Charlie’s Angels every Saturday morning.  Going back to a time when things seemed less complicated helps to get us out of a funk.  It gives us a moment to stop being so stuck in a moment we don’t want to be stuck in.  But it doesn’t make the pain go away.  It just removes it for a few moments.  Eventually, we’ll have to deal with whatever it is that has us feeling down.  It doesn’t hurt to take time out to let our minds rest, but we have to remember to get back to the heart of the issue and start making some decisions about how to deal with our problems.

Not everyone can find comfort in their past.  For some, the past is the very reason why they may need to find a way to disengage periodically.  For others, it may be that the present is what is causing the stress.  Either way, having a familiar and safe place to go in times of trouble is important.  If you’re having a rough time, allow yourself to regroup.  Pick up a book you once enjoyed.  Watch a favorite movie.  Listen to your favorite music.  Play a game that makes you happy.  Take a walk.  Paint a picture.  Do something.  Just don’t forget, in all of this, to pray.  Give the problem to God and then go do the thing you need to do to work it out.  Think about what is healthy and safe for you and move toward that.  The hard times don’t last forever.  And when God blesses you with another day, use that time to rebuild what is torn down.  To mend what is torn.  To fix what is broken.  And be grateful that you had that chance.

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