Day 24 – Very Superstitious…

black cat

On this Friday the 13th, I know that lots of people joke about having bad luck and how they are going to avoid black cats and ladders and anything that could present a threat.  Just in case…  For me, I’m not one to back down from a challenge and I’m definitely not one to be superstitious.  I am one to be a little OCD more than anything else.  So, today was no better or worse for me than any other day.  I had some wins and a few losses.  And with each, I had to decide how I was going to let it affect me.

I don’t enjoy conflict.  I’ve had more than my share over the course of my life, but there are those who will always bring chaos into every interaction they have.  And you know it when you talk to them.  You know it when you try to work with them.  Every conversation comes with a twinge of negativity.  Sometimes it spirals into a full-blown conflict; sometimes is just a constant irritation.  You have to decide which way you want it to go.  If you feed the monster, it will grow.  So, don’t allow that.  You have the power to overcome superstition.  It’s called faith.

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