Today’s Pondering~How can it be Day 6?

Yes, this was my first thought as I was trying to put together this post.  I’m a writer, for pity’s sake.  Why is this so hard? LOL.  So, the topic for today’s post was supposed to be something interesting and clever, but there wasn’t enough room in my brain for that today.  What we get instead is this; whenever I start a new project like this, I spend lots of time wondering if I’m bothering people by posting so often.  This is why I tend to be very low-key in the marketing department.  I hate to be one of those people who is inundating others with information they don’t actually want.  I mean, I am willing to like things and sign up for newsletters and so forth, but if someone starts sending me things every single day, I’m likely to unsubscribe.  Probably not a good idea then for me to begin an initiative that includes 47 days of posting about my misadventures with self-care.  Trust me, I don’t like it any more than you do.  But God put it on my heart to spend 47 days sharing with whomever might want to read about the challenges I’ve faced with trying to take care of myself and that’s what I’m going to do.  In the interest of not exhausting those of you who subscribe to these blogs, I’m going to limit my sharing to Facebook and Instagram.  So, when I put up a new post, I’ll announce it there instead of on the HGBM blog.  Hopefully, you’ll stick with me and if you have time, you’ll hop over to the blogs and see what I’m up to.

Today’s adventures included a trip to the doctor and a visit with a local gym that I’m thinking about switching to.  Both encounters led to very interesting discussions about the best ways to tackle weight loss and fitness so that I can limit the amount of pain I’m in most days.  I have arthritis and fibromyalgia and I often feel like crap when it’s cold or rainy.  Today, as I was running around, it was both rainy and a bit chilly.  So, everything kind of hurt.  I came away from both of these discussions, however, feeling like I had a good idea for a new approach to my exercise program.  I’m actually excited about switching things up a bit to see if I can get some results from all of the effort I’ve been putting in at the gym.  The funny thing is, I hadn’t expected to gain much insight from either of these conversations, but both ended up reinforcing something I’ve been thinking for the past several weeks.  Sometimes, God puts an idea in our head and if we take too long to act on it, He may send in reinforcements to help us hear Him.  Today, I think I heard Him loud and clear.  It’s time to turn this thing around and start seeing some changes in my body!  I’ve been focused on the stationary bike and the treadmill for the past few months and of course, no weight was coming off.  Tomorrow, I begin my strength training regimen.  Instead of just devoting a couple of evenings to it; I’ll now be working on building muscle each day instead of just completing hours of aerobic activity.  It’s funny how the things I was doing were, by their very nature, designed to keep me from actually moving.  In essence, I’ve been spinning my wheels and not getting anywhere.  That has to change, and it will.  Tomorrow, we build muscle.

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