Day 3 – 47 Days of Self-Care ~ Looking back, but moving forward…

The third post in my 47 Days of Self-Care project is about being able to look back with a sense of understanding so that you can actually move forward.  Many times you here the phrase, “Don’t look back,” but there are times when it is absolutely necessary to recall your past.  If we are to successfully move ahead, we must think about where we’ve been and what worked and what did not work so well.  I’m not saying to dwell on things that didn’t work out; I’m saying use them as a starting point for building a brand new foundation.  It’s okay to use your past as a frame of reference for what you don’t want to do.

I’ve always been the type of person who looked at the whole picture; the part behind me, the part in front of me and how each of those parts impacts what is around me.  There was a time however, when I turned off that vision and just let my pain drive me.  I moved ahead at breakneck speed and did whatever I needed to do to forget what had been done to me.  But now, after years of working through the aftermath of some bad decisions and unfortunate circumstances, I’ve promised myself that I would never again let myself go out there on auto-pilot.  I need to be sure that the actions I take now don’t create repercussions that I will have to spend years fixing.

Part of being able to achieve new goals is understanding where I’ve been and why I’ve been there.  A few years back, I spent some time writing a book called, “From Judgment to Jubilee.”  This book is a very honest account of one of the most difficult times of my life.  When I was in the middle of that time, I couldn’t see that things would ever get better.  Life was so difficult and I just couldn’t seem to make any progress.  But eventually, I had my breakthrough and things began moving in the right direction.  There were still bumps in the road and as long as I stay on the journey, there will always be times when something doesn’t go the way I had hoped it would go.  But if I have learned from where I’ve been, then I’m sure I can figure out how to deal with any challenges that I encounter.

From Judgment to Jubilee Audio Cover

You can get a copy of “From Judgment to Jubilee,” on Amazon or from the HGBM Shop.  This book is also available on audio through  Stay tuned for Day 4’s post.  We’ll be heading back to the HGBM blog tomorrow.