Today’s Pondering~Wait for it…

So the sun remained still
and the moon stood in place
until the nation settled their score with their enemies.
This is recorded, is it not, in the book of Jashar?
The sun stood in place
in the middle of the sky
and seemed not to be in a hurry
to set for nearly an entire day.
~Joshua 10:13 International Standard Version (ISV)

There are days when it feels like it is impossible to accept the status quo. When I feel like I’ve waited long enough to do something significant. I am ready to move on, but God evidently isn’t ready for me to take my next steps. Since He knows best, I’m obeying. Even in my grumbling, He guides me. He places a hand on my shoulder and says, “Wait.” Everything is in progress and now is just not the time.

As frustrating as that is, I know that my tendency is to act quickly and then realize that I needed just a little bit more time to be prepared for what happens next. I think this comes from wanting to strike first so that I at least know when the next hit is coming. But this “proactive” nature can sometimes fail us. I’m all for being prepared, but sometimes we really have to wait for God to finish His work on something or someone else before He is ready to put us together with the next step on our path. If we go ahead without Him, we run the same risks as we would if we simply went back to where we were before we let Him heal us. Yes, sometimes life is painful. But in that pain, we often find our greatest strengths. So, we need to let Him do His work first. He’ll let you know when He wants your input.

Today, He placed a few things on my heart. I had to get it written out before it disappeared, so I decided to share it with you here. I hope you enjoy this poem.

Have a blessed day!

The Days When Nothing Has Changed
By Rebecca Benston 8/3/18

Reflecting on the life I’ve been privileged to live
Wondering if I’ve ever given all that I’ve been supposed to give
So focused on what wasn’t happening that I was thrown by the passage of time
Knowing that yesterday would never return and tomorrow was passing me by
Undoubtedly, I’ve lived a blessed life
Only slightly encumbered by pain
I’ve learned that the things we must cherish
Are the days when it seems nothing has changed.
The days when we deal with sick children
The days when we fight to pay bills
The days when we look forward to leaving where we are
The days we refuse to stand still
The days when we think nothing is happening
Or days when it seems everything is so wrong
No matter how awful those days seem to get
They really don’t linger for long
We’re just trying to get to a place where
When we wake up each morning, we smile
Knowing God made our dreams a reality
And we’re in a good place for a while.