Today’s Pondering~The Whole Truth…

Consult God’s instruction and the testimony of warning. If anyone does not speak according to this word, they have no light of dawn.

~Isaiah 8:20 NIV~

I was reading some posts on Facebook the other day when I came across one that was a link to an article from some Atheist organization regarding the recent vote in Texas to include textbooks that state that Moses influenced the writing of the Constitution of the United States. As a Christian, this didn’t seem to me to be something that people should be upset about. For years, I was presented with half-truths in public schools that left me doubting God’s existence and presence in my life. The entire backdrop of history was fed to us as though none of what is in the Bible had any merit or validity whatsoever. And so, the devil’s plan to convince us while we are young that there is no such thing as God in heaven was nearly successful.

When I grew up and found my way back to the Bible and opened my heart and mind to its contents, it became very clear to me that everything I had been taught in school had been carefully manipulated to convince me that the God who had saved my life from the pits of despair over and over again was a figment of my imagination. But there was a big problem; the people who designed such curriculum forgot that they, themselves are not God and that their efforts to counterfeit what He has done and try to pass Him off as mythology simply doesn’t work once the Holy Spirit has entered one’s soul. Once we’ve made the decision to live in the truth of His word, many, many truths come to light and the devil’s plan to scare us or somehow browbeat us into thinking that he is the one who is powerful and that God is not real comes across as the immature rantings of a demon scorned.

I know many very intelligent people and I consider myself to be pretty smart as well. There was a time when I, just like the Apostle Paul, failed to see the truth and the light. But in a blinding moment of clarity, the Lord restored my vision and now all I can see is the meaning of His word in every media ploy, every catastrophic event, every manipulative atheistic rant, and every viewpoint that finds solace in its own sin by attempting to shame the believer for loving and obeying God. For a while, I wouldn’t say much about this but lately, it has been pressing on me that now is the time to speak up and say the words, “I am not ashamed to be a Christian who believes that God’s word is the authority on all things.” I believe that the Bible has been separated from all things in this society in a desperate attempt to bury the truth and keep God’s lost people in the dark. And they are falling for it…hook, line, and sinker.

I don’t have an ounce of hatred in my heart for anyone out there who doesn’t yet believe God is the ultimate authority, but I do have a great deal of concern regarding how things are going to end up for them. There are many people whom I love dearly, but who do not share my beliefs. And I pray daily for their salvation. But God has a plan for each and every one of us. His plan isn’t written out in plain form, it is hidden in the light of His word and visible only to those who truly seek it. To someone who is seeking only to do harm with His word, that truth will not be self-evident. But God did give us Divine instruction and wisdom and some of our forefathers understood this. God’s law came first and our laws were designed with those in mind. And God expected us to follow the laws He laid out, not to pervert them so that they could be used against Him to drive Him out of the lives of the very Creation that He brought into existence.

The devil attempts to deprive us of our God-given rights to freedom and the pursuit of happiness. He does this because he made the mistake long ago that so many are making today. He thought that he should be loved and honored more than the One who created him; respected more than the One who gave His life for us. He believed this lie and suffered the consequences for creating his own false truth. And now, he’s trying to bring us all down with him because he knows that it will delay the inevitable fate which awaits him. He is called the deceiver for a reason. A master at manipulation and lies, the devil lies in wait for any who will allow themselves to fall victim to his pride. Sadly, he knows just how easy it is for us to be forgiven and just how hard it will be to hurt us once we have made the decision to follow Christ. So he strikes when we are low and lacking in understanding. He lashes out at us when we are still learning the truth and does his best to put something in front of us that looks a lot like what our flesh would want to believe. He leaves out the fact that his credibility is actually non-existent and that if we truly knew him, we would never choose him over a loving and merciful God. Knowing what I know of my God, I will never allow anyone who does not follow Him to make me feel stupid for being a believer. He is the only one who will ever walk through fire with you and bring you out into a brand new place without even the faintest odor of smoke trailing after you. The devil is a liar, open your eyes and hearts to God’s truth while you still can.

But they deliberately forget that long ago by God’s word the heavens came into being and the earth was formed out of water and by water.

2 Peter 3:5 NIV


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