Chapter & Verse~Psalm 103:14

For He knows our frame; He remembers that we are dust.~Psalm 103:14 NKJV

This is the first in a series of verses I will be attempting to memorize this year. I figured I would share them here as I try to study each of them so that you can follow along if you choose. Beth Moore is doing a Bible verse memorization project on her LPM Blog and since I’m participating there, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to post useful information about the various verses I’m trying to learn on Leading the Follower. If you have comments as you follow along, please share your thoughts here. God bless!

This verse speaks of God’s mercy and the realization that we are not a mystery to Him. He knows what we are made of, literally, and He is never surprised by the decisions we make or the actions we choose to take or not to take. Our God takes pity on us because He is fully aware of the demons with whom we wrestle and He wants us to learn from the experiences we have while we are struggling to understand how to defeat them. According to Nelson’s Compact Bible Handbook, this particular Psalm is an anthem of praise and may have been written by Ezra or Nehemiah.

When reading this verse, I am reassured that when I make mistakes, He will forgive me. I know that He will stick with me because He made me. The same way I would never be able to turn my back on my own child, God has that mercy on me and I live in the ever-forgiving shadow of His grace. What a wonderful blessing!