Daily Intent~5

I was driving along yesterday and something interesting occurred to me.  Sometimes, I will see beautiful cloud formations that I really want to get a picture of but from my vantage point in the car all I get are the reflections off of my windshield and a whole bunch of other stuff that I don’t want to see.  There is only one place where I can get the really good shots and that is out where I walk in the evenings.  Out where there are no telephone poles or wires in the way.  Yet, I see some of the most amazing skylines at times when I just cannot seem to capture them with my camera. 

What does this mean to me?  Well, it explains alot I think.  It explains why I constantly feel as though I can see my vision for what I should be doing, yet I cannot seem to get to the right place to bring it to fruition.  How frustrating it is to know that something beautiful is unattainable from where we sit, yet we are stuck sitting there. But just as I know that when I am in my car traveling to a certain destination, I must complete my journey; I know that there are steps I must complete before I am able to capture the vision in front of me.  This may only make sense to me right now, but that’s okay.  At least something makes sense.  It’s surprising just how confusing trying to hear God’s voice can be.  Sometimes I’ve been sure that I heard what He was saying to me, only to run up against a roadblock that all but screamed, “You went the wrong way!”  At other times, like during yesterday’s drive, His word hits me so clearly that I wonder if maybe there isn’t something wrong with me that hindered my ability to hear Him all along.  What deficiency am I suffering from that I didn’t get this before?  I know it isn’t that there is some mental incapacity; I realize that sometimes He doesn’t mean for us to “get” Him.  Sometimes, He likes to watch our faces as we finally figure out a truth that has been lying in front of us for a good, long time.

And so, for day five, I have resolved to look more closely at the things that keep presenting themselves in my life and to think about them in terms of what God might be trying to show me.  Not that I’m not analytical enough; but I need to see things from a different perspective than just what fits into my idea of what He wants me to be.  I need to see His ideas and abandon my spin on them.  Hopefully, He’ll give me the chance to do this again tomorrow.