Today's Pondering: Stress and Spirituality

I found some interesting information about the spiritual causes of stress at . I thought I would share them here at LTF.

  • Questioning “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” “Do I matter?” Teenagers can experience this type of stress.
  • Not being in the now. Anticipating and fearing the future and replaying the past.
  • Resistance. Wanting things to be different than they are adds an additional layer of stress to whatever is happening.
  • Not knowing what is important. Chasing false ideals (money, fame, etc) and forgetting what matters to you most causes stress when your success seems empty.
  • Not knowing what is really a true threat. When we worry about unimportant things (or worry at all), we create stress but don’t create action to resolve the threat.
  • Lack of connection with God, creativity, beauty.

Spiritual stress may be the most amorphous of the stressors. We hardly recognize an existential crisis in our busy everyday lives, and yet often at the root of stress, we have lost our connection with the Divine. We yearn for meaning, security, a sense of place. When we are in touch with the Divine, often very stressful situations pass easily. A death becomes a tender farewell. A financial crisis becomes a chance to reprioritize. A lost job becomes an opportunity to do something more fulfilling.

This is great information.  Have you experienced stress because you haven’t reconciled your spiritual beliefs?  What can you do to help alleviate this type of stress?  Well, my first suggestion would be to pray.  No matter what your faith, I believe that prayer is the best way to reach your Higher Power and to ask for help in dealing with feelings of confusion, anxiety, and stress.   Hope this post was helpful to you today!