Today's Pondering: Does God only hear in Christian?

My immediate answer to this would be, “No.”  Truthfully, that notion seems a little arrogant to me.  I realize that my Christian friends might disagree with me, but I truly believe that God would not have given us such diversity in this world without also expecting diversity in our styles of worship.  Religions such as Sikhism believe in one God and that He is the sole creator and judge.  Jews believe in one God who is the Creator and Lord of the universe.  People of Islam faith believe that there is only one God.  Hindus believe that God takes many forms, but basically, they believe in one God.  And so, who is to say that the God of all these faiths is not all the same God only worshipped in different ways.  The impression I get is that some religions automatically assume that because someone worships God in a different way that they are worshipping a different God.  Who are we to say this?     

I read something interesting in Our Daily Bread yesterday.  It said that, “When a friend sees Christianity as foreign worship, we need to respect their heritage while sharing the gospel graciously and giving them time to explore Christianity.  And then trust the Spirit to do His work.”  I agree with this, but I also feel that we should explore other religions as well so that we have a better understanding of our fellow man and so that we may practice tolerance and love for one another. 

The quote used in the Daily Bread article was from Acts 17:18.  It said, “Paul seems to be a proclaimer of foreign gods, because he preached to them Jesus.”  Something to think about.


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