Today's Pondering: The opposite of hate

I have always found it interesting that something which is supposed to instill love in our hearts has caused so much anger and hatred throughout our world.  I’m talking about religion, of course.  For as much as our religious leaders extoll the virtue of love, there is a hint of hate in every sermon that preaches against other religions or beliefs.  I’m not sure they see it as hate, but this is the way it comes across to me.  I’ve sat through some sermons that left me wondering, “Where was the love?”  For example, any time I’ve heard a preacher speak about homosexuality, it has been with indignance and a declaration of intolerance.  No matter what our views are on homosexuality, we should always remember that every person deserves love.  Even if the way they are living goes against what your God says is right, you shouldn’t be hateful to homosexuals.  You shouldn’t spread hate against them. 

I’ve heard Obama-bashing from “Christians” that left me feeling sick.  How can we be good Christians or good people at all if we are spending our time pointing out the faults of others?  Not one of us on this earth hasn’t or will not make mistakes in our lives.  The fact that our audiences for these mistakes are much smaller is the only thing that keeps our names out of society’s collective mouth.  Many times, this bashing occurs right after a church service or worse, right there in the church.  I’m pretty sure that this isn’t the way God intends us to spend our time.

I’ve been known to be critical of others on my other blog.  I’ve had my opinions about Angelina Jolie, Rosie O’Donnell, and other celebrities who weren’t on my list of favorites.  At times, I was hateful instead of dealing with my disgust for their actions in a productive way, I have aimed for the entertainment value that lies in a quick-witted insult.  After much consideration, I decided that I was going to try to be less hateful and more constructive in my criticisms.  I feel much better about this and I think this is what I’m supposed to do.  It’s hard for me not to make cracks about some things, but I know that if I do, I ‘m not living in the spirit of love as is God’s will.  What could you do differently that would bring more love into your life?  Think about it and chime in if you feel called to.